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HypnoBirthing Course

Reduce pain and fears with HypnoBirthing

The pregnancy of many women is characterized by uncertainties and fears about the birth. What do I have to expect? How bad will the pain be and will I be able to bear it? What is my partner’s role? How do I best prepare for this big event?

With proven techniques, which we have refined over the years, we will accompany you to a fear-free birth. We will show you how you can positively influence the birth experience and what active role your partner can take on. We tell you everything about the happy hormones ‚endorphins‘ and how they can help you to reduce the pain and establish a good pain management.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing

  • Enables you to replace your anxiety and fears with confidence during pregnancy and birth.
  • Enables you to work with your body, which is designed to give birth naturally, and tune into your instincts for a positive birth.
  • Empowers you to make informed choices and communicate your wishes effectively with medical staff, midwives and obstetricians.
  • Enables you to enjoy a relaxed pregnancy and birth.
  • Teaches you how to break out of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.
  • Can help you to reduce the length of the first phase of birth.
  • Can help to reduce the incidence of tears and episiotomies and allows you to heal faster post childbirth.
  • Encompasses all the information you need to prepare for birth.
  • Recommended by doctors and midwives.

What is included in our HypnoBirthing class

1 day course

HypnoBirthing Compact Course

  • 1 day of birth preparation for you and your partner
  • Comprehensive folder of course handouts to guide your practice at home
  • Bespoke HypnoBirthing MP3s with relaxation exercises
  • Breastfeeding brochure
  • Brochure about diet and nourishment during pregnancy

CHF 480.-

A donation goes to the foundation for neonatology NEONAT

recognized by health insurance

There is also the option of booking HypnoBirthing for two or alone. Individual coaching is also suitable for women who are planning to have a caesarean section or breech presentation. Register for individual coaching.

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