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HypnoBirthing Zürich

1 day course

Online HypnoBirthing

In our Online HypnoBirthing course, you will learn the methods of HypnoBirthing and everything important for your upcoming birth in one compact day. We focus on practical exercises such as correct breathing during birth, HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and much more. The HypnoBirthing course is led by experienced instructors. With HypnoBirthing, you will be optimally prepared for the birth.

Our Online HypnoBirthing course is recognized by health insurance companies. Most supplementary insurances cover a share of the costs.

The course content

  • The basics of HypnoBirthing: how you can specifically reduce pain with hypnosis and thus breathe better during labor
  • Pain management: how to increase the natural production of endorphins (= pain-relieving hormones) during birth
  • Breathing during labor: 3 targeted breathing techniques for each stage of labor that can help you relax, reduce pain and shorten labor
  • Role of the partner: how your partner can ideally support you and knows what birth and HypnoBirthing are all about
  • HypnoBirthing techniques: You will learn the well-known ‚Safe Place‘ technique, positive phrases for birth and other relaxation techniques
  • Fear release exercise: Fears and doubts are specifically reduced and replaced by confidence
  • Preparation of the body: technique with which you can reduce perineal tears and incisions
  • Checklists: birth plan, packing list, organizational preparations, list of midwives and doulas with HypnoBirthing experience, book recommendations

Advantages of HypnoBirthing

  • Your fears are reduced so that you can experience an anxiety-free pregnancy and birth
  • You can interrupt the anxiety-tension-pain syndrome
  • The first phase of your birth can be shortened by several hours
  • Less pain and often no need for painkillers
  • You feel safe when you think about the birth
  • Demonstrably fewer episiotomies and perineal tears
  • Faster recovery after the birth and more energy for your baby
  • You also learn everything you would learn in a ’normal‘ antenatal class
  • Recommended by midwives and doctors

Included in the course

  • 5 hours of Online HypnoBirthing birth preparation for you as a couple
  • Comprehensive course documentation with checklists
  • 3 audio files with relaxation exercises specifically for the course
  • Brochure on breastfeeding and nutrition during pregnancy
  • HypnoBirthing course in small groups
  • Exclusive membership area
  • Bonus: 20% discount on all store products

Our Online HypnoBirthing class

The HypnoBirthing courses take place LIVE in our Online Classroom. You will receive the invitation after registration.


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Your Online HypnoBirthing class instructors


Mother of three children

HypnoBirthing course instructor Zürich and Winterthur


Mother of one daughter, qualified midwife HF, lactation consultant IBCLC

HypnoBirthing course instructor Zürich and Winterthur

Book course

1 Day, 9-15 h

Prices: per couple

Health insurance recognized

CHF 480.-

One of the donations goes to the NEONAT Foundation

Book course

29. June 2024 : CHF 480.-


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